Panelistas – Juan Pablo Alperin

Juan Pablo Alperin is a doctoral student in the Stanford Graduate School of Education as well as a researcher and systems developer with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). In the last five years, Juan has delivered workshops for journal editors all over Latin America with a focus on promoting Open Access, continues to work on the award-winning software Open Journal Systems (OJS), and was the lead developer on the recently released Open Monograph Press (OMP). Juan also leads PKP’s efforts in Article Level Metrics. He is also a co-principal investigator in the “Quality in the Open Scholarly Communication of Latin America” project and the coordinator of the “Open Access indicators: Assessing growth and use of OA resources from developing regions” project. For his dissertation work, Juan is focused on understanding the effects of Open Access in Latin America. When not trying to revolutionize academic publishing, Juan gets busy changing diapers, traveling, baking cakes, or winning at bocce.


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