Panelistas – Donald Samulack

Donald Samulack, PhD is the President of U.S. Operations for Editage. Dr. Samulack has an insider’s perspective across both clinical and academic environments, understands editing and publishing processes, and has extensive experience in the fields of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. As such, he works tirelessly to raise the level of awareness and professionalism of scholarly communities, worldwide. He understands the logistics of medical writing and scientific editing services, and is a major player in shaping perceptions, developing global logistics, and delivering quality.
After earning a PhD in medical physiology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and several years of postdoctoral research in the US and Canada, he left the academic environment to work in the pharmaceutical service sector, where he conducted market research, delivered strategic communications, and designed physician affinity programs for many of Canada’s leading pharmaceutical companies.
Prior to joining Editage, Dr. Samulack was Director of the Department of Scientific Editing at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Memphis, USA), where he acquired an in-depth understanding of clinical processes, regulatory issues, documentation and publication of clinical trials, as well as first-hand knowledge of a wide range of scientific writing, editing, and publication processes.


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