Panelistas – António Teodoro

António Teodoro is Visiting Professor at UNINOVE, S. Paulo, and Full Professor of Comparative Education and Sociology of Education, Dean of Institute of Education and scientific coordinator of CeiED, from Lusophone University. Vice-President for Europe of Sociology of Education Research Committee, from International Sociological Association (ISA). Scientific coordinator of Iberia-American Network of Research in Education Policies (RIAIPE), who lead the Inter University Framework Program for Equity and Social Cohesion Policies in Higher Education in Latin America, funding by EC Alfa III Program. Founder of free trade unionism in Portugal after the Portuguese Revolution in April 1974, he was the first general-secretary of FENPROF (1993-2004). He was also Chief Inspector of Primary Education (1974-1975), member of National Council of Education (1988-1994), and Special Advisor of Portuguese Prime Minister for Education, Science, Culture and Employment (1995-1999). Expert invited to the Eurydice study The Teaching Profession in Europe: Profile, trends and concerns (2000-2002), member of Scientific Council of dozen of academic journals in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, France, and US, and editor of Revista Lusófona de Educação.


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