Contest – Innovations in SciELO journals

Entry and submission guidelines

16 April 2013

1) The contest Innovations in SciELO Journals is an initiative of the SciELO Program. The contest is  part of the activities and celebrations commemorating 15 years of continuous operation of the SciELO Program and Network which culminate with the SciELO 15 Years Conference being held October 22-25, 2013 in São Paulo .

2) The purpose of this contest is to gather and communicate experiences and innovative developments that contribute to the improvement of SciELO journals in the important aspects of its governance, management, funding, processes, products, services, and technologies for editing, publishing and dissemination.

3) Only journals indexed in the SciELO Network certified collections are eligible for this contest.

4) Entries must be submitted to the contest in the form of a report describing an innovation to a SciELO journal or journals. The innovation must have been implemented and operating for at least three months prior to the date of this announcement and must have proven results. The  submitted reports must have the following structure:

a. journal(s): name(s) of the journal(s) related to the innovation;
b. title of the innovation: Maximum of 25 words;
c. authors: name and affiliation of the authors of the submitted report;
d. description: a brief description of the innovation. Maximum of 350 words. The description can be complemented with supporting documents attached to the report itself or referenced by links if on the Web.
e. results: description of up to 3 innovation results along with evidence supporting each one. Maximum of 50 words per result.
f. conclusions: up to 3 conclusions. Maximum of 50 words per conclusion.
g. recommendations: up to 3 recommendations for the other SciELO journals. Maximum of 50 words per recommendation.
h. place and date of the submission

Entries must be sent by email to with ‚ÄúInnovation – <name of the journal(s)>‚ÄĚ in the Subject line.

5) The deadline for submissions is July 30, 2013. Submissions will be judged by a special committee and the results will be announced no later than August 30, 2013.

6) The 10 winning entries will be widely announced and disseminated by SciELO. The top 5 will be presented at the SciELO 15 Years Conference plenary session.

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