Speakers – Bhanu Neupane

Dr Bhanu Neupane is trained in Hydrosystems, Water Resources Management and Knowledge Management. He has a PhD in water resources management from Canada and a second Doctorate degree in Business Administration from the International School of Management, France/USA.

He started his career as a change agent for a GTZ-funded agricultural inputs project in Eastern Nepal in 1987. He also served as an Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Specialist for a governmental research organisation in Nepal. During 1997-98, he worked as a consultant in the US and served in several Southeast Asian countries. During 1999 and early 2000, he was associated with the Integrated Consultants of Nepal. He joined UNESCO as a Programme Specialist in 2000 and served with the UN system-wide World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP). He was transferred to the UNESCO Office in New Delhi in September 2004, where he was made responsible for the implementation of the International Hydrological Programme and the preparation and design of regional projects and activities on hydrology and water resources.

Currently he is working for UNESCO as a Programme Manager for ICT and Sciences and Open Access to Scientific Research. He is also working in the area of Open Data, essentially to improve and increase access to scientific data and information. He is also a visiting professor and regularly teaches courses related to knowledge Management, Multi-criteria Decision-Making, Water Resources management, and Disaster Risk Reduction at Universities.


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